Saturday, September 11, 2021

Yes President*, Our Patience is Wearing Thin

9/9/21 New York Times:

“My message to unvaccinated Americans is this: What more is there to wait for?” President Biden said on Thursday. “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”

I support vaccination.  But Presidentish* seems to have forgotten for whom he works.  Those who refuse vaccination primarily put themselves at risk.  If you get sick, it is sad, but you put few people at risk who have recovered and just a few more people whose vaccine immunity turned out to be shorter than was assumed and that Presidentish* seems to think vaccination will provide.

Yes, small and therefore unvaccinated children are at risk from sick unvaccinated people, but not enormous risk; small children rarely catch it and almost never die. 

Biden has essentially told tens of millions of Americans that he knows better than they do.  "My body, my choice" is the leftist mantra but not this time.  

He is playing with fire.  If even .1% of Americans decide to play Antifa games, Civil War 2 will erupt.  0.1% of 80 million people is 80,000 people.  Lone wolf attacks on federal law enforcement agencies will likely wipe out all federal LEOs after 10% quit and join the resistance.  Large numbers of Americans may not actively participate in this bloodletting, but I can see them refusing to convict on criminal trials.  What is the chance that 0 1% of angry Trump voters might decide that stupid riots at the Capitol were ineffective and require a more serious response?  Bear spray works fine to prevent ursine tyranny, but bears are not the problem.  Senile fascism is.

Am I angry?  Yes.  He has accomplished more damage to the U.S. domestically and in world affairs than any President I can remember.  Even LBJ was not this destructive and that is an astonishingly low bar to mambo under.


  1. Why blame the unvaccinated anyways? It is only those who are a)infected, b)contagious, and who c) subsequently fail to quarantine that are spreading this virus.

    Of course, asymptomatic transmission is very rare, so "contagious" is largely synonymous with "symptomatic." That does give you pause to wonder just how many people knowingly went out and spread this virus during this pandemic?

    At any rate, Biden is wrong: It is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is a pandemic of the selfish! And those come in both vaccinated and unvaccinated varieties.

  2. Me? I'd like to see election fraud of ANY kind, be it dead voters, single people voting more than once, tech based cheating be made a capital crime. Subvert our process, negate MY vote, you die. No questions asked, no appeals, no quarter.