Friday, September 10, 2021

Looking for gun ads that promise too much, or at least might be interpreted as such

 I am writing an article for America's First Freedom about the Sandy Hook Remington suit.  Ads like these:

On an apparently separate note: I remember a 1979 Pontiac Firebird brochure with a stunning brunette wearing a halter top stretched across the hood of a TransAm.  Buy this car and gorgeous women will follow you home was the idea, I guess. Do you remember that or have a copy?


  1. how about the roof of a '77?

    Or a blond on a 79?

    1. She was actually laying across the hood. Much more suggestive.

  2. No, but I remember a Triumph Spitfire TV commercial that depicted a Spitfire airplane as it began to take off, and across the bottom half of the screen was some guy in a Triumph Spitfire running up through the gears. There was a woman in the passenger seat. As I remember the driver had the soft helmet, goggles, white scarf and leather jacket, but that might be me helping the commercial along fifty years later. The tagline was, "Spitfire. You not only get a car and a girl, you get a piece of history."