Sunday, September 26, 2021

Pride is An Awful Thing

 New York, N.Y. (1927)

11/11/1927: “Too proud to accept charity for herself,” the mother broken open the gas meter, which the gas company locked for non-payment, turned on the jets, killing her four children and herself.

Category: family

Suicide: yes

Cause: financial

Weapon: poison[1]

[1] "Faced By Starvation, Mothers Kills Four Children And Self," [Douglas, Ariz.] Douglas Daily Dispatch, Nov. 12, 1927, 1.

Speaking of pride, my wife comments on the overlap between narcissism, prosperity gospel, and pride.

If you are not a Christian you may not be aware of prosperity gospel: if I have enough faith I will be rich and healthy.  I think this is based on a misreading of the Scriptures.  

I have seen it lead to great destruction of Believer's faith.  "Mom did not recover." To which the promoters of prosperity gospel stick their foot in their mouth: "you clearly did not have enough faith."

Prosperity Gospel preachers (including many of the big televangelists, past and present) always emphasize that your faith involves giving money to their ministry.  Someone ends up prosperous.  Any guesses who?  (And yes I mean the televangelist with his own jet )  

A lot of the richest church leaders in the world are in Africa, where grinding poverty makes any strategy for achieving even modest poverty seem reasonable. 

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