Saturday, September 25, 2021

Job Losses

A friend makes a living making macarons, a meringue based cookie.  (They are a pretty high end cookie, not something you sit down and eat a bagful while watching football.)  She sells them at a local farmer's market.

The problem is that the farmer's market needs to impose a mask requirement to satisfy local health needs as new cases and deaths.  But they cannot afford to hire security to deal with the confrontational behavior of the anti-maskers so the farmer's market one of her big sales outlets is closing.  We are attempting to make up some of her shortfall in sales (gifts for all the staff at the school where my wife has started to teach) but there are consequences to the confrontational approach.

I agree; the masks appear to be of limited effectiveness and the fascism that is demanding this is taking full advantage of a real problem to get us used to being bossed around, but the destructive effects of the confrontational nature of these behaviors are causing serious damage to entrepreneurs at the low end.  They are also hardening hearts of those who are already prejudiced against Trump supporters. 
Small businesses and entrepreneurs are our natural allies against fascism.  Let us not blow them up to make a point.


  1. I don't suppose there is a shipping aspect for those macarons in the near future? Or is she one of those already present on the web?