Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Robots Are Taking Over

We went into the Eagle Wendy's the other day.  Along with two guys behind the counter there was an ordering and payment accepting device that sent orders directly to the cooks.

I am still imagining the robotic downstate restaurant.   A hostess seats you.  You look at the menu, place your order, a few minutes later a robot trolley moves your order from kitchen to your table perhaps sliding plates and cups across the table in front of each occupied seat.  After paying the cashier machine and leaving the busboy rolls up and drags all the plastic, metal, and paper debris on the table into the continuous process washing machine, sanitizes the table, repositions and refills the hald and half and sugar dispensers.  Then it drops the utensils and dishes in place.  Drink refills from dispensers at table.

No servers, no busses, no dishwashers.   A hostess/complaint fixer and cooks.  Probably faster than the standard model. Smaller payroll with less accounting. I think if I had the energy and the mechanical engineering skills I would start with the busser robot. 

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