Thursday, September 23, 2021

Why Are We Seeing This in Foreign Press?

 9/22/21 Daily Mail:

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has been forced to use 'unprecedented' methods to prevent more Haitian migrants from entering U.S. by creating a 'steel barrier' of hundreds of vehicles at the border.

Abbott visited the U.S.-Mexican border on Tuesday and praised DPS and Texas National Guard for creating the barrier by using hundreds of state-owned vehicles, almost all of which appear to be bulky SUVs.

The vehicles are lined up outside Del Rio in Texas, which has seen an influx of 14,600 migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the US. An estimated 8,600 remained in the town of 35,000 people as of Tuesday night, with 1,083 so far deported back to Haiti. 

Thousands of Haitian migrants have already been freed into the US on a 'very, very large scale' rather than being flown out on deportation flights as the Biden administration promised, according to officials. It's estimated as many as 5,000 migrants have been allowed in. 

'They have created a steel barrier preventing people from being able to cross the border,' Abbott said Tuesday.

 'One day there were countless people coming across the border, then the DPS put up all these DPS vehicles, and suddenly, in an instant, people stopped crossing the border in this location. That strategy is working.' 

The 'steel barricade' consists of at least 150 state trooper, with officers reassigned from their day-to-day duties and traveling from as far as 500-miles away to assist Border Patrol agents, according to the Washington Examiner.

If the national government will not do its job, state governments can take steps (in a very limited way) to help.  The pictures are well worth clicking over.

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