Friday, January 1, 2021

Shut Up! the Hospitals Are Full!

12/30/20 Gloucester Live:
A woman filmed the inside of one of those British hospitals which are supposedly out of space because of COVID-19.   Then she posted it.  Police arrested her.  (Hint: hospital was largely empty of patients.)  

I know the problem is real but it is easy to see went there are skeptics out there. 

Here is a project: find data on ICU bed use during the last few winters.  I know that regional ICU crises in winter because of flu are common.  It would be nice to have some unimpeachable data on that. 

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  1. If you look at Arizona hospital data, you will see that we are maintaining a little bit of ICU headroom. But, look closely and you will see that this is the result of denying non-emergency care. In other words, the ICU headroom remains relatively constant, while ICU COVID19 usage goes way up and routine ICU usage goes way down.

    That is a dangerous situation for two reasons. The most obvious is the denial of care that people should be getting. The other is that with a virus of this level of explosive growth capability, somehow maintaining a small percentage of available ICU capacity is difficult to do.

    Also, our largest hospital chain (Banner) has said that it will no longer offer any non-routine care, due to the COVID19 load>

    For Arizona stats, our health department has a number of graphs available from the page at the link. I recommend the "Hospital Bed Usage and Availability" icon (then scroll down). You can hover over the graph.

    For today, for ICU usage:

    61% COVID19
    32% non-COVID19
    7% available

    A few months back:
    7% COVID19
    72% Non-COVID19
    21% Available