Saturday, January 30, 2021

i Think I See the 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate

 Gov. Noem of South Dakota.


  1. We can (and usually have) do much worse

  2. This Women is what the Democrats fear most. And probably an number of wishful Republican hopefuls.

  3. Won't make any difference until we utterly gut and replace the election system with something more sensible, safe, and transparent. Since November we've watched two elections--one at the state level, one at the federal--be stolen right in front of our eyes with absolutely no consequences for the stealers except success. The socialists have complete control of the election process now, and they will never allow any candidate to be elected who is a threat to them.

  4. Bill Whittle predicted that the winner in 2016 would be a populist celebrity.
    Now he's predicting that the winner in 2024 will be someone no one has heard of now, and someone who doesn't know he's going to be running.
    This will be interesting to see.

  5. What Jay said.

    Plus the Republicans have not only failed to do ANY of the issues in the article, they betrayed folks like Trump, who DID try to do most of them...they stabbed him in the back, failed to support his policies, and were as obstructive as any Democrat. THey did their best to get rid of him, and failed to ttake any meaningful action against the election fraud, both before and shortly after the election.
    They wanted Trump gone as much as the DNC types.

    We don't have a "Republican" party...we have DNC-lite instead.

    THe RNC isn't a party that represents me and folks like me anymore.