Saturday, January 9, 2021

These Are Dark Times Ahead

 We are already at the point where people addicted to Facebook and Twitter will not even realize that conservative voices are being removed; they will just assume that all conservatives died or turned progressive.  We are going to need to clear GOPe out of the Republican Party.  Building a new third party is too hard, and it would just give the Democrats a clear advantage in a 3 way race.  How do we get the average American to realize that much of the GOP establishment wants jobs exported to China and cheap illegal labor imported?  Is this just hopeless?


  1. I fear the GOP is over as a party especially if enough ride the impeach Trump train, but other than fact it could mean we are stuck with the Dems running the fed government I don’t see much else to cry about their death. They have mostly become worthlessness as tits on a boar hog. Both parties are screwing us to death (I have more explicit language I might use, but to avoid being truly crude I refrain).

    I too think Civil War is coming. The Dems like Pelosi and Biden keep proving they are liars when they say they want to unite and heal the country. They will push their “progressive” religion and “Obama is the messiah” cult down or throat under the “convert or die” mantra. Their policies will destroy the economy too.

    1. After the Crazy Years came Nehemiah Scudder !

  2. I think the GOP is where the Democrats were decades ago. Many said they did not leave the Democrat party the party left them. Of the 75 million GOP voters how many are Chamber of Commerce Republicans?