Tuesday, January 19, 2021

You Learn Something New Every Day

And concertina barbed wire can be ordered from Amazon.

You may recall the miniseries Amerika from the 1980s about a Soviet-occupied U.S.  They disable a Soviet tank by slamming a large water truck into it.  Implausible? An M1A2 weighs about 60 tons.  A fully loaded concrete truck weighs about 33 tons.  With 50 mph of kinetic energy I am pretty sure such a collision would shake the tank crew enough to cause injuries and if hitting from the side, damage the surprisingly fragile sprocket, tread, and transmission. 
M1A2 Abrams are apparently pretty secure against Molotov cocktails.  The crew is well shielded.  The intakes for the turbine are now under the turret.  However... the exhaust apparently is not.  Liquid nitrogen will make steel brittle and so will liquid oxygen.  Liquid oxygen combined with turbine exhaust might do quite a number on the turbine.  A drone carrying Mason jars of liquid oxygen would likely be missed if flying in low to the ground.  You might have to crash the drone to break the bottle.  You may recall this guy getting a grill ready in record time.


  1. Any tank can cross concertina wire, if nobody is there to shoot at the crew when they dismount with their wire cutters.

    Obstacles are only obstacles when covered by fire.

    1. Generally for tanks anywhere. They need infantry protection in cities,

  2. A microwave oven also works. Be sure you have a safe method to get the charcoal to the grill quickly. And proper ventilation, of course.