Saturday, January 23, 2021

Lithium Mining

One of the Trump Administration's last acts was approval of a lithium mine in Nevada.  You doubtless know that lithium is essential for all those electric vehicles at the heart of every environmental wet dream.  Of course, most of it comes from China, so environmentalists are trying hard to stop American lithium mining.  5/17/19 Seattle Times discusses the conflicted feelings of the Greenies.  Do we really want the environmental costs of lithium mining to be entirely in the Third World?  Do we want our Teslas cheap enough that everyone buys one, not just the well-heeled sorts that buy them now?


  1. I thought most of it came from South America, so I looked it up.

    The largest mines are in Australia, but Mexico is up there too:

  2. Individual car ownership is racist.

    Okay, I just made that up. That said, I'll wager that more white people own cars than blacks. I'll be right but it will mostly be because there are more whites than blacks but we'll leave this part out.
    Of course, the solution is public transportation for everyone.

    Face it, you've probably heard wackier things.