Saturday, January 16, 2021

Do You Live in McConnell's State?

 Since it appears that he intends to go along with unpersoning Ted Cruz, to make the Democratic Fascist Party happy, remind him about the Judenraten.  In the ghettos, the National Socialists set up Judenraten (Jewish governments) to manage the Untermenschen.  They made up lists of who was to be transported to "labor camps."  As you know, few survived the war.  The members of these Judenraten did so on the promise that they and their families would be safe.  Who was transported last?  You can doubtless figure it out.

In case you have not figured it out, do not go to rallies at state capitals.  These will be false flag controlled.


  1. I don't like McConnell, but Cruz is a Cuban-Canadian who does not belong in the US, much less as a sitting US Senator.
    Put McConnell in prison and deport Cruz to whichever of his countries will have them. I can see Canada and Cuba going to war with the loser having to accept Cruz.

  2. Cruz's U.S. citizenship was acknowledged by his enemies here: