Sunday, January 17, 2021

Recovery From COVID May Not Be As Certain As It Sounds

 From the 1/17/21 Telegraph:

Almost a third of recovered Covid patients will end up back in hospital within five months and one in eight will die, alarming new figures have shown.

Research by Leicester University and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found there is a devastating long-term toll on survivors of severe coronavirus, with many people developing heart problems, diabetes and chronic liver and kidney conditions.

Out of 47,780 people who were discharged from hospital in the first wave, 29.4 per cent were readmitted to hospital within 140 days, and 12.3 per cent of the total died.

Lots of diseases can produce long-term consequences.  The vaccine has some risks.  Getting COVID-19 has some serious risks as well. 

A reader points to something I missed: these large percentages were of those sick enough to be hospitalized so tiny fractions of those infected.

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  1. No info on the initial health and/or age of the patients who were deemed long-haulers.