Saturday, January 2, 2021

Making Sunshades for Ancient Riflescopes

 I have a 3x-9x32mm Bushnell SportView that needs a sunshade.  Being lost in the mists of time, there is no sunshade available that screws into the threads at the objective.  So I bought a piece of 1 3/4" OD, 1 1/2" ID Delrin, and bored it 1" deep until it slides tightly on the outside of the scope tube.  I have some nylon tipped 8-32 setscrews on the way to make it a tight enough fit to handle .308 recoil.  The next step is turning down the exterior of the other end to fit the existing scope cover on the sunshade.  The amount of cutting to fit that scope cover on the tube would produce too thin a wall to survive cutting.  I will likely buy the Butler Creek Flip=Open 30250 which is for a 1.800" tube.  I will have to turn the 1.796" tube down slightly to take this cover.  

The time required inclines me to buy a new Redfield scope for the other scope.  Leupold sunshades fit Redfield scopes perfectly (same company).  Unfortunately the Redfield 3-9x40mm Revolution/TAC Riflescope with Tac-MOA Reticle Matte - 118348 seems to be out of stock everywhere.

More careful counting and measuring of threads on the Bushnell BDC 3-9x40mm indicates that it is threaded for M40x0.75.

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