Saturday, January 2, 2021

Are Preparations Under Way?

I dropped by Independence Shooting Range today, which has a 100 yard indoor rifle range upto 50 BMG.  Nope on the door indicated that there were delays on that range because of high demand.  I do not think hunting season is about to start.  I think some people are preparing for Lexington.  If Biden survives the 1/6 congressional meeting, there may be some serious consequences if they decide to pull a Beto.  Be ready.  I hope it does not come to that; a civil war will strengthen America's enemies enormously,  which I am sure Biden does not mind.


  1. I saw this at my local DNR range prior to the election. All manner of people were showing up and practicing including an elderly Korean couple. When the rooftop Koreans start practicing something is afoot.

  2. Now watch for people purchasing thousand dollar stacks of silver coins.

  3. This is the sort of thing I've worried about. The Left is always screaming and posturing. Conservatives go about their lives quietly, making their preparations without fuss or bother and hoping they won't have to use them.

    If bad things happen, there will be a LOT more people participating then the other side thinks there will be. There will be no top-down co-ordination, just a *whole* lot of people with their 'little lists of people who won't be missed' - and many of them are people will not *not* miss.

    Really, *really* hoping for a (at least mostly) peaceful outcome.

  4. Better to have polished a skill that you find you do not need to use, than to need to use an unpolished skill.