Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I Despair For My Country

The comments on this article over at Volokh Conspiracy demonstrate that we are past any realistic civility.   There are two separate universes going on in America.   That educated people still imagine Fascism and National Socialism as just more extreme forms of conservatism shows how ignorant even the elites ate about 20th century history and their political opponents in America.   There will be a divorce soon, and I doubt it will be amicable.

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  1. Fascism and Communism don't do well through the lens of right versus left. It is better explained by freedom versus authority. Both Communism and Fascism are hard core, violently authoritarian ideologies. I've sometimes seen this described in right versus left view as a wrap around effect. The authoritarianism of the far right and far left often look similar.
    That said, I'll place my wager with Ben Shapiro. Everything will be prancing unicorns and fuzzy kittens in the MSM for the next four years.
    Shapiro article here:

    Never mind that there were riots in Portland and Seattle.
    Portland riot:

    Seattle riot:

    I've heard the argument about a divorce or a civil war before. It just doesn't seem to happen. The fringe will be violent but I don't think most people care enough about it.