Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Who Did This?

1/6/21 Politico says Trump supporters,  but their coverage says the rioters used chemical sprays at the police and they confiscated a Molotov cocktail from one of the cars.  Bombs at RNC and DNC. This sounds like Antifa trying to prevent the electoral vote debates.

Remember: just call it mostly peaceful protesting. 


  1. And you have the slightest trust in Politico? Or are suffering from normality bias, for I did see video consistent with bear spray I'm guessing being used on the Capitol Police. You think there aren't real patriots riled up by two blatant election steals in a row, and Pence of course stabbing Trump in the back (again) right when they marched on the Capitol?

    I haven't watched a lot of video, but from all I've seen and stills as well it was genuinely "mostly peaceful," a LARP until the Capitol Police murdered a 14 year Air Force veteran and mother of three who was posing no threat to anyone's lives or bodies at all. And you could tell they knew they'd screwed up, for one immediately started gaslighting by shouting about an "active shooter" while none of them were acting like they were under threat.

  2. It was Antifa driving a wedge between Trump and Congress. See the reactions from Congress that followed.