Monday, October 29, 2018


Not with this many false rape accusations.  10/23/18 Seattle Times about rape accusations against Bellevue police chief and two of his detectives:
His accuser, a 44-year-old Issaquah woman, came forward in early August with claims Mylett had raped her two years earlier during an encounter at his Bothell home arranged through an adult sex website. The allegations emerged as the King County Sheriff’s Office separately investigated the woman’s claims against two other Bellevue police officers that initially led to domestic-violence assault and witness-tampering charges against one of them....
Bothell investigators found Mylett’s accuser had gone so far as to create phony, backdated email exchanges that contained the address of a Bothell rental home where Mylett temporarily lived. But lease records and other evidence proved Mylett had moved out of that house prior to when the woman claimed the assault occurred, and DNA tests ruled Mylett out as a possible match to genetic evidence gathered from clothing the woman turned over as part of the case.
Rape claims should always be taken seriously, but false rape accusations are hardly rare, and due process and burden of proof need to be taken seriously--and not just Supreme Court nominees.


  1. Emmett Till was unavailable for comment (Thank your wife for reminding me of him). I guess the rule is women should automatically be believed except when they shouldn't.

  2. And another thought:
    Doubtless this article from the Seattle Times is already in the Democrat Party Dirty Tricks and Unamerican Activities Committee and they will do better next time.