Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Help Me Construct the Adjective

hemidemisemiquaver (and, yes, I knew what that was before going to Wikipedia) is a 1/64th note.  We know now that Sen. (Lieawatha) Warren is six to ten generations removed from anyone who might Indian.  So she isn't a half-breed.  A hemidemisemihemidemisemi-breed?  A mouthful.  And yes, this remains one of the most amazing songs by Cher.


  1. Mark Steyn says she could be a centum-viginti-octoroon, or a mille-viginti-quadroon :-)

  2. is there ANY part of this that she could perform today without offending today. except lyrics?

  3. is there ANY part of this video rthat could be shown today? except lyrics ?