Friday, October 5, 2018

I Blame The Kavanaugh Circus

Trump has a 51% approval rating. http://m.rasmussenreports hurt I no longer smell a blue wave, maybe even a red wave.  The Democrats made such an obviously slanderous attack that many Americans are moving to Trump's side. Of course, lowest unemployment rate since 1969 does not hurt.

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  1. About '70-'71 was when the bottom dropped out of the aerospace industry, IIRC. Huge numbers of engineers got their pink slips, and many never worked as engineers again. No market for them, and many worked in such specialty areas that there WAS no other market they fit in. In the 70's I met a lot of former engineers that were doing everything BUT that. And most swore they would never go back into that field again. Bitter, very bitter people.

    This .gov driven blunder so badly damaged engineering in the US that people avoided the engineering field for at least a decade or more. It became the default class for the less than competent students, judging by the general quality of engineers I worked with. I was not impressed.

    Lots of engineers came in on H1'b visas in the 80's/90's because we weren't producing them here. Industry got to liking that cheap labor.