Saturday, October 6, 2018

I Think the Feinstein/Ford Circus Has Not Caused the Blue Wave to Stop

10/4/18 Investor's Business Daily poll:
Meanwhile, the Democrats' advantage on the "generic ballot" question has all but disappeared. This asks only registered voters whether they'd prefer a Congress controlled by Democrats or Republicans after the midterm elections in November.
The latest poll shows that 45% say they'd prefer Democrats in control, while 43% say they want the GOP to retain control of Congress.
This is a huge swing from last month, which had the Democrats up by 11 points over Republicans (50% to 39%).
Good news.  Heavy rain or a sale on Teslas might be enough to sink the Democrat hopes.


  1. How about an early snow in certain northern Blue states. But what worries me is those who will not just yell themselves horse and then go home. Will we see fires tonight around the Supreme Court Building.

  2. In California, aka Commifornia, aka the PRK, can the blue whale-- er wave-- get any bluer or bigger?