Wednesday, October 24, 2018

One of Those Weird Stories With Things That Make No Sense

Kinston, N.C. (1869)
Before 2/2/1869: Five men, one white, four black had been jailed for stealing the body of a Colonel Williams from his grave to location and for purposes unknown.  A mob of 20-30 men used a subterfuge to introduce an armed, and supposedly bound captive into the jail, where he forced the jailer to turn over the five accused men, who were apparently killed by cutting their throats and thrown into the Nense River.
Category: lynching
Suicide: no
Cause: impatience
Weapon: cutting instrument[1]

[1] “The Ku Klux in North Carolina,” [Columbia, S.C.] Daily Phoenix, Feb. 2, 1869, 2.

Why would you steal a body, except for a medical school or to hold it for ransom (as was attempted with Lincoln's body).

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