Thursday, October 4, 2018

Okay, I Am Downloading Eclipse for Java

As much as I like emacs, and terminal emulator, I think an IDE is the right way out of this, and I have done more recent Java than C.  Of course, I think Java is now obsolete.


  1. Yeah, I would much rather use Eclipse than emacs for Java work, for a variety of reasons.

  2. I am a vi person for text editing.

    But for Java, I usually have used Eclipse - for about 10 years. I ran into a project where a bunch of nasty Java code had been written by contractors 12.5 hours away by time zone, and Eclipse proved by far the easiest way to read it and get into it, not to mention debug it.

    This year I switched to IntelliJ for my 9 year old Android app, but that's only because Android Studio - which is based on IntelliJ - seems to be the future for Android development. I find it less intuitive than Eclipse.

    For debugging, and IDE is pretty much the way to go, and I even use one for C for Microchip processors (in this case, NetBeans based).

    I did some golang earlier this year, and did all the debugging with the equivalent of printf statements. Kinda ugly, but the project was only a couple of thousand lines of code, so it worked.