Thursday, October 25, 2018

Leach Field Subsidence

Where I believe our leach field is located is now several feet lower than it used to be, if my memory serves me correctly.  This seems odd.  I know leach fields typically last 10-30 years, and we have been here about 12 years.  Does this subsidence indicate a problem?

I walked down again.  No soggy soil, and it is not quite where I remember the leach field being.  It was covered with sunflowers for several years because of the upturned soil.  Here you can see boulders in the trench, which tells me that this was not where the leach field would have been placed then covered over.  You can also see our crazy puppy trying to get a vole.  The soil was not giving way easily.
In general, I am much relieved.

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  1. Not usual. It's likely that the pipes in the field have collapsed, and we're talking big bucks to fix since you have to excavate and put new ones down. The field should have lasted a lot longer than 12 years.

    Personally, I put in 2 fields and switch between them every couple of years. With that kind of setup the plumber who put this in said that I should never have any trouble, nor will anyone who has this house after me. I'm not sure how it works around you, but around here you have to do perc tests on 2 fields (primary and backup) before they'll issue a permit, and putting in a duplicate field and switch didn't add $4K to the bill since they were out here with the equipment anyway.