Monday, October 22, 2018

Unfortunately Thunderbird 60.2.1 Does Not Work

And I cannot seem to download previous versions.  Found 60.0; it still works.


  1. I stuck with Thunderbird 2 because of the broken "tabbed" UI in the new one. (If you scroll down a long message, look at something else, then come back, it doesn't remember your scroll position.) Have they fixed that? Tb2 is starting to have trouble downloading images in messages - something about "protocols" not supported.

  2. I wouldn't know. I stayed with Thunderbird I really did not like version 3.

  3. My t-bird says for e-mail from Weather Underground that it can't connect securely to because the site uses a security protocol which isn't enabled.

    Looking at the error console I see a lot of stuff that I think makes their e-mail "phone friendly".

    It only does this if I tell t-bird to show images. I don't need to see their logo.

    I get similar on mail from Newegg... except I have to click OK about 30 times and there's nothing to see but a lot of boxes outlining where an image should be.

    I wonder if adding will help. One way to find out....

    Viewing source, is a satellite picture of a hurricane.

  4. Paul, that's exactly the problem I'm having with TB2. I tried enabling a bunch of security.* stuff in the advanced settings, but that didn't help (and I started getting other errors). I'd be ok with embedded images failing to load if it didn't pop up all those error dialogs for me to click through. (I already have TB configured to not load the images until I ask for them.) If you figure out a solution to this, please let me know.