Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Rally in Boise About Kavanaugh

Pretty sad when you cannot find anything smarter to say than repeating "Shame" forever.  If you do not understand the rage, I have been having a prolonged discussion with a number of my relatives by email.  Many were molested or raped.  Because the guilty parties are beyond any Earthly punishment (and one was fortunate enough to commit statutory rape in Bezerkley, where there is no real justice system) there is no available justice for what they suffered.  Taking out this rage on the man who did not do it, Kavanaugh, makes a lot of sense emotionally.  I am happy to see Kavanaugh confirmed, but try to understand the irrationality you are seeing.


  1. I think the issue of sexual abuse is a false pretext. Whoever was put up was going to have a tough ride. The Demonrats just chose that as a hot button issue because it evokes sympathy. The it promotes sexism against men is icing on the cake. This has nothing to do with abuse of women and there is nothing rational about it (except that they are consciously using it as a tool to gain power). It is cynical and sick.

  2. But it works because there are a lot of victims. What gets less press is that men are raped about as often as women, but in jails and prisons so no one cares.