Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another Fake Indian

The guy being held for the bombings is a Filipino pretending to be a Seminole Indian with a long criminal and mental illness history.  Oh, and a male stripper.  I could not make this up, and I would not expect you to believe it if I did.


  1. One word: Florida.

    Nobody down here batted an eye.

  2. Yes, but at some time in the past, when he could vote, he registered Republican, which is the ONLY thing that matters.
    That makes it all Trump's fault. And yours. And mine.

  3. This whole thing is a TV production, and that guy was perfect for the main role so Central Casting picked him for the part.

    TV fake bombs- check; TV distribution to political celebrities- check; TV Weirdo Van with Stickers- check; TV instant acceptance that this nut is a Trump supporter- check. Yeah, we can't have villains that are islamist terrorists or Antifa thugs, that isn't PC; but guys with white skin who support Trump, why of course they'd be unhinged & dangerous. Even though all the actual violence is from the Left!

    This is why I cut the cable years ago & don't watch TV. It's all too predictable!

    SMH that some on the Right actually accepted this obvious set-up.

  4. Eskyman: You obviously do not know the unstable crazies I do. If my father-in-law had access to social media before he died, he might well have done this.

  5. Eskyman: A long-time late friend might well have done it but the bombs would have worked.

  6. Clayton, that's part of why this is a made-for-TV production. The fake bombs didn't need to work, that wasn't necessary for the propaganda value.

    There are a lot of things in this case that just don't add up, including the fact that this guy does not seem smart enough to have planned & done this himself, as some who know him have said. It's a setup, and the media won't ask any questions that would upset the applecart; it's their job to sell the message. Here the message is clearly: Trump's inflammatory rhetoric made this looney try to murder Democrats!

    Can you name the guy to tried to murder a whole baseball team of Republicans? There was no message along with that, was there. The whole occurance vanished from the media overnight without any speculation that maybe Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton had called for violence. That wasn't part of the message they want to send, they don't want people to think that any rhetoric on the Left caused it to happen.

    It's the same with guns as shown on TV: every two-bit bad guy has a carful of fully automatic weapons, and they "spray bullets everywhere" as he's robbing the 7-11. Is this reality? Of course not. It's propaganda!

    It works, too: most people believe that ordinary crooks have access to machine-guns, they've seen it over & over in the movies & on TV. Hollywood has no shame, they show people walking into gun stores & buying auto weapons with no problem. We know that isn't factual, but it's valuable propaganda for the gun-banners!

    Regular TV watchers really don't realize how much propaganda they get everyday, and even those who are skeptical still swallow some of the kool-aid. It's impossible not to, it's pervasive.

  7. ", including the fact that this guy does not seem smart enough to have planned & done this himself," But bombs that do not work fits with stupid and crazy. Dumb people smoke while making bombs, as happened to the Weather Underground, or their bombs fail.

    Enough obverheated rhetoric will eventually bring a Marinus van Lubbe out of the wordwork. They don't need to create this.