Friday, October 5, 2018

Are You Hold Enough to Remember the SNL Skits About Counterfactual History?

The commentators analyze questions such as, "What if Eleanor Roosevelt could fly?"  And we see her flying over Berlin (no airplane) dropping bombs.  I would love to have the date that aired or other detailed reference to it.  Here's the abstract for the article for which I need it.

Abstract: Would the Framers of the Second Amendment and the 14th Amendment have been so willing to grant such a broad general right to be armed if they been aware of today's mass murder problem?   Yes.  Some of the requests and debates about this right recognized a need for reasonable restrictions tailored to deal with dangerous individuals in the interest of public safety.  Also, mass murder is hardly a modern problem:  mass murder in America was a problem throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, yet it did not prevent ratification of the broad guarantee recognized in DC v. Heller, incorporated to limit the states in McDonald v. Chicago, and the numerous state constitutional guarantees.


  1. She orders the bombing of Pearl Harbor, topless, here:

    Jon Porter

  2. The Constitution says citizens need a permit to operate warship in combat. That certainly implies we can own such a beast. I doubt they would quibble about any smaller arm.