Friday, October 26, 2018

Linux Question

FileZilla will not connect through sftp to the Linux client in VMWare.  I believe the problem may be that openssh is not running there. ps -aux|grep openssh returns nothing.  The package manager claims openssh is installed.  The /usr/lib/openssh directory has a sftp-server executable, but starting it seems to change nothing.  And yes I have verified the IP address with ifconfig.

Never mind: FileZilla was trying to use port 24.

While I have your attention: part of why Linux, with all its virtues, is not replacing Windows is because it is often impossible to find complex things like installing the latest version of eclipse.
This page claims to tell you how to install Java 9.  But after
add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
apt-get update

It claims
apt-cache search oracle-java9
will give a list that includes the installer.  Nope.

I was downloading a 64-bit executable.  While my PC is 64-bit, the Linux version in VMWare is 32-bit.

But even after downloading, unzipping and untarring the open jdk 11 version, I still get

Failed to find a Main class in /home/clayton/Downloads/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox_launcher_1.5.100.v20180827-1352.jar
when I start Eclipse.  It may be that jdk11 conflicts with older JREs and JDKs so I am removing them.  Nope.


  1. OpenJDK 9 has been superseded and apparently you should be looking for 11 instead (or 8, I guess, if you wanted to stay with an older version.)

    Normally if I want to install a package on Linux I just Google "how do I install eclipse on Ubuntu 18.04" or something. It just so happens if you type "eclipse" in a shell, it'll tell you "sudo apt install eclipse-platform"

    If I remember correctly I went to and just followed links. You can get it as a .tar.gz and just uncompress it where you want it.

  2. I think was getting tired. There seems to be an eclipse oxygen download happening now.