Friday, October 5, 2018

Just Makes My Day

Kathy Griffin and Michael Moore in a food fight, and unsurprisingly Grifin is the more adult.  10/4/18 The Wrap:
Kathy Griffin had some sharp words for Michael Moore on Thursday, after “Fahrenheit 11/9” filmmaker implored the left to “Stop hoping & start acting!”
In a tweet published Thursday, Moore made an apparent reference to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who became the subject of an FBI investigation due to a sexual misconduct accusation leveled against him by Christine Blasey Ford.
With Sen. Jeff Flake, who supported the probe, saying Thursday that the report on the FBI investigation showed “no additional corroborating information” against Kavanaugh, Moore took to Twitter criticizing “Dems & ‘liberals'” for “foolishly placing their hopes in the FBI.”...
To which Griffin replied, “Michael…WE LOST.” “What more could we have done? We don’t have the Senate or the Presidency. What more can we do for god sakes?”

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  1. They could try holding their breath until the mean old Republicans give in.