Friday, February 2, 2018

Remember How Effective California Gun Laws Are

School shooting that injured four students now believed unintentional, police say; 12-year-old girl is booked
In a morning news conference, Los Angeles School Police Chief Steve Zipperman said he did not know how a young person got access to a gun and brought it to campus, but warned gun owners to keep their weapons secure and away from children.
"Los Angeles has a law about the safe storage of weapons," L.A. City Atty. Mike Feuer added. "Every responsible gun owner needs to take heed."
The irresponsible ones don't obey laws anyway.


  1. In CA, only criminals and politicians (sorry for the redundancy) are supposed to have guns; ordinary people aren't.

    All we really know about this case is that a girl was arrested, but otherwise we have very few details of what happened.

    However, we can be absolutely sure of several things:
    1/ the girl isn't white;
    2/ she wasn't wearing any pro-Trump, pro-NRA or pro-Republican attire;
    3/ she doesn't have a conservative background.

    We can depend on the "news" media to tell us if any of those things were true!

  2. Who's making book on this case? I want to put some money down on "she got it from her mother's boyfriend, but no mention will be made by the papers of the illegal nature of his occupation as drug dealer."