Sunday, February 25, 2018

Moving Assets to Higher Return Places

I refinanced my daughter's student loan debt a couple of years ago for a better interest rate.  Rapidly rising house prices (which may reach current California levels by end of century) enabled her to refinance and pay me back.  So I went hunting for a high return equity mutual fund to put it into.  I found LGILX which had a 1 year growth of 40%, not bad as we were just leaving that kangaroo market (up, down, up, down).  So I put that money in.  Two weeks later it is up 1.44%.


  1. looks pretty good 5 stars from morningstar, and no fee on etrade. should be compared relatively, of course. choose the right point two weeks ago, and most everything is up 1.44% since then.

    (longer term, it looks sort of kind of neck and neck with vanguard's similar product, VWUSX.)

  2. I am presently awaiting word if the seller of a house in Arlington I won the bidding on will make necessary repairs found in the inspection. As I wait the money I pulled from mutuals to pay cash for this house is cooling rapidly. I have been watching my funds in various accounts go up quite a bit in the last two years to where I have more money now in savings then when I arrived in Texas. Even after taking account I was renting an apartment I am worth more. So buying a home now is my way of locking in so much of the gain and ending a regular expense (rent). The catch is the seller needs to do repairs and is so far silent on the subject. I in turn now will be paying long term cap gains on the money next year even if I now drop out from this house. How much am I loosing for having withdrawn these funds: most of my mutuals and investments were doing 10% each year for the last two years. These funds were supposed to be the conservative 5% funds.

  3. P.S.S. within 24 hours of signing the documents that showed I had won the bid on the house I received an email asking me to quickly wire the money for the house to a specific account. The email looked to have come from the title company who was handling the title search and hopefully the transfer. When I contacted my agent as to why the title company was so pushy since we had yet to even see the house inspection report I was informed the Title companies had been hacked and not to wire any funds. Thankfully I had not done this since it would take a few days to liquidate a few mutual funds. But the fact the hackers had my email and knew I was gathering funds for a home purchase that quickly says to me they have a back door connection to the Title companies servers. And there seems to be little I can do more then just report the doctored email address used by the Hacker. And I though the people stealing peoples Tax returns were brazen: these guys were after $145K in my accounts.