Monday, February 19, 2018

Urban Carry G2 Holster

The ads at the start of YouTube videos are usually a complete waste on me, but I saw an ad for the Urban Carry G2 Holster and I think it is on my last of things to buy.  A number of comments suggest that it is gimmicky.  What other methods are there for deep concealment?  IWBs still need a shirt or coat hiding the butt.  Ankle holsters are generally not comfortable, and are limited to very small pistols.  Pocket holsters are necessary for pocket pistols, but again limited on size of gun.


  1. What?



    SRSLY mate, friends don't let friend do stupid s*t. The Urban Carry G2 is stupid s*t.

  2. Clayton,

    Just for brief qualification purposes, I have been under arms for almost 50 years, officially and unofficially. The greatest percentage has been concealed carry.

    If you intend to carry concealed please do not fall for gimmickry. There are good holsters for carrying concealed, and then there are legions of crap.

    If you want recommendations I would be happy to suggest a few vendors. Your posted device is not one of them.