Thursday, February 15, 2018

Amazon Droppins

I looked to see if any of these unordered, unpaid for droppings had produced any reviews supposedly by me.  No, but I did find a review that I wrote of an unordered Wireless Endoscope:
I neither ordered nor paid for this, and I would prefer it had not even arrived. I discovered that it lacked the adapter to connect it to my Samsung S4. When I tried to download the drivers into my Samsung from the specified URL, there was one of those popups that warns you to install a program within 24 hours or your phone will be hopelessly infected. These are usually either viruses themselves or identity theft programs. No thanks! But it had an adapter to USB, so I plugged it into my PC. Much bigger mistake. Whatever drivers it installed, made my PC no longer start Windows. When I unplugged this device, at least I could get to the Windows safe mode startup and restore a previous date's working setup. It appears that their USB drivers are defective. A good hour wasted with this trash. Do not touch it except with a hammer.
Who buys an endoscope from Amazon?

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  1. Clayton,

    These are not the medical grade. These are for home construction/repair/inspection.