Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Red Flags

Just emailed the Rhode Island governor informing her of the Providence police failure when the Navy Yard shooter waved a Red Flag in 2013 and suggested the legislature should focus on mental health.


  1. Clayton,

    I will advance that you are acting in good faith, but do not hold your breath. These people are not.

    This is nothing more than CYA and virtue signalling on the part of the communists that control the governments of that part of the U.S.

    Signing any number of documents does no more than a restraining order or protection order does: nothing. If they were really concerned about the safety of the citizens, they would immediately legalize (instead of stringently prohibiting) CCW for all non-prohibited (USC 18-922g) persons.

    They will not. Judge them according to that standard and they will immediately betray their true intent.

  2. BFR: While I think that would help, crazy people do all sorts of awful things. It is also easier to sell this as, "Help the homeless," and "Reduce murders."