Friday, February 16, 2018

Trying Not to Laugh

Obviously travelling at warp speed isn't a natural state of existence for most terrestrial organisms, but we never knew just how harmful the effects of maximum warp velocities could be on human beings – until now.
A new study published – yes, published – in an 'American' science journal (and accepted by three others) details how an experimental attempt to cross the transwarp barrier and achieve Warp 10 can have devastating and unforeseen consequences on human physiology. Wait… what?
Okay, if you've gotten the sense that something might be amiss with this purported science experiment, congratulations: you're already doing better than the editors of the American Research Journal of Biosciences.
They just published this hokum without realising the 'research' is actually a thinly disguised storyline of Star Trek: Voyager, Episode 31, "Threshold".

It gets worse.

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