Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Fear We Are Losing the Debate

So use this chart:


  1. Can you substantiate this with a source?

    If so, please, email it to me.

  2. I learned on facebook from one of my work colleagues this morning that Canada doesn't have mass shootings.

    Which is odd, because when I lived in Canada two of them happened within a mile of my house, both school shootings, one with my roommate in the building at the time and the other with a nice woman I knew from church teaching in the building at the time. A third one, also within a mile, happened 2 years before I moved there at another school. And when I moved to a different province, that house was within 2 miles of an older school shooting.

  3. This is very surprising to me.... Serbia, Albania, Macedonia make sense, but some of the others are a surprise. I wonder what percentage of the French, Swiss, Belgium and the like come from Muslim issues. (I think most of Norway can all be accounted by that one whacko a few years ago.)

  4. I've been wishing someone would update that CrimeResearch.org chart to February 2018 -- I know I could do it myself from data about such events on Wikipedia, but I don't want to spend that much time wallowing in details of evil events.

    Interesting article here on whether such mass shootings could happen in Canada with their current laws:


    With the exception of one of the handguns from Columbine, all of the weapons used in their examples of US mass shootings were guns that are legal to purchase and own in Canada.

    They have a lot of "not likely" claims that depend upon the difficult-person being denied a permit because-of-being-a-difficult-person in Canada's "may issue" regime, but that doesn't seem to have been a barrier to legal acquisition of weapons for perpetrators Canada's own mass shootings. I think they are just aiming for good-feelz by saying that of all of the perpetrators only the Las Vegas shooter would have been able to obtain a license from the RCMP.

  5. I had to correct the substitute for Mark Levin tonight who didn't know about the Stockton school shooting of 1988 which started the Assault Weapon ban movement: He though the first school (pre-college) shooting was Columbine. The problem is even the history of these events, or events in other countries is being lost. Do people remember the Munich Massacre of 1972 of Israeli athletes. Of the killings by groups like the Red Brigade in Italy. No, its forgotten as people have already forgotten the attacks in France just in the last two years.

    People don't know anything unless the media tells them. And there is so much the media will not talk about. Here in Texas they want a blue ribbon committee to look into such shootings. But you can be sure it will be as stacked as the original California Assembly hearings after Stockton. As one journalist put it, "it was a dog and pony show." And that event started twenty-five years of cover-ups regarding the unexpected side-effects of the ban. I wish Trump would talk about it, but I suspect his aides even don't know even half the facts: which means they know a bunch of half truths to fill the gaps.

  6. Once upon a time I assiduously collected facts such as these to present to the CNN-listener type.

    No longer. They don't care about facts, or reason, or logic, or history.

    They mindlessly repeat mantras such as "if it only saves one life," when they've just been presented with facts that demonstrate conclusively that their ideas cost lives, they don't save any (e.g. "gun free school zones.")

    Trying to use facts and reason with these drones is simply a waste of time.