Thursday, February 15, 2018

Like Everything Else Apple, iTunes is Inscrutable

I would use Windows Media Player to burn copies of a CD (not under copyright), but it coughs on one track.  iTunes can import all tracks, but while I can add tracks to a playlist, I can't see or select the playlist to burn it to CD.  I found instructions that said to click in Edit->Preferences on display playlists, but that window has no such checkbox.


  1. I don't know about burning an actual playlist, per se, but you can copy the individual tracks you'd like to your desktop (or other HD location) and then burn from there.

    Simply highlight the song(s) you want from your playlist or library and Ctrl+C/+V like you would a normal file, and it should save off as a ".m4a" file. From there you can burn as you like.

  2. I recently switched to Clementine for a player/Librarian. I have not tried to burn any CDs with it, but I think it does.