Monday, February 5, 2018

Just Committing a Robbery; Why Would Anyone Shoot Him?

A couple years old, but a reminder of how grief makes people crazy.  11/3/16 WNCN:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — It’s been a difficult week for parents Temia Hairston and Michael Grace Sr. Their son, Michael Grace Jr., was shot and killed during an attempted robbery early Sunday morning.

Police said Grace Jr. and two other people tried to rob a Pizza Hut in the 3200 block of Freedom Drive. During the incident, an employee fired his own handgun and killed Grace Jr....

Hairston and Grace Sr. acknowledged that their son was breaking the law by robbing the business, and said they definitely don’t condone what he did.
“It was an act of desperation, but I do not believe that Michael would have hurt anyone,” said Hairston.
They said Grace Jr. had fallen on hard times and resorted to crime to provide for his own child. They also said their son used to work at the same Pizza Hut restaurant where the robbery happened. They maintain he never would have physically hurt anyone during the robbery.
What?  "Give me the money or I will rap at you again."


  1. We'll if I said "Give me the money or I'll rap at you again." The victims might kindly request to be shot give my rhythm deficiency.

  2. The son used to work at the Pizza Hut in question... parents say he wouldn't hurt a fly... current employee shot him. Seemed the employee knows more than the parents about their "angel"...

  3. Stupid people breed more stupid people.

  4. What the parents don't realize in their grief is that even if what they are saying is absolutely true and their deceased son wouldn't have physically harmed a fly, there is no way for the people being robbed to know that. In fact, robbery comes with an inherent promise by the robber to physically harm you unless you give him what he wants. Otherwise, people would just say "No." and the robber would have no recourse but to thank you for your time and go on his way.

    And of course, it probably isn't true that he wouldn't have hurt anyone: We all hide aspects of our lives from our parents, and parents like to think the best of their children.

  5. Robbery ALWAYS comes with the implied promise to harm the intended victim if he or she does not comply with the demand for money or valuables.