Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Today's Crazy Product Idea Question

I need to prevent rotation or lateral motion of a wooden disc. (Two actually, some inches apart.)  These might be 6"-12" diameter.  The obvious solution is pieces of wood or aluminum with hemicircles that size that are held tight with buckles or screws, but how do you cut circles of hemicircles without forklift size mill or absurdly large drill bit and drill press with a 150 hp motor?

Thanks to all.  I think I figured out a rectangular solution to constraining discs. 


  1. Clayton - Assuming that your discs are flat against some surface, can't you drill one or more holes in the discs, and then into the surface below, and put a pin or screw in the hole?


  2. Believe it or not, use a piece of string, a nail and a jigsaw (or a RotoZip). You can get HUGE circles that way.

  3. Do you have a router with a straight bit? Try searching for a 'Router circle jig'.

    If you can make a circle, you then only need to cut it in half to make hemicircles.

    Best of luck!

  4. Use a plunge router with pivot arm set to the length/radius you need.

    Or, just buy the size discs you need from companies such as these:




    They typically either plunge route them, or cut them out with a laser, depending on size and thickness.

  5. I was not clear enough. I do not need discs that size but the holes that size. I have since come up with a way of stabilizing discs with rectangular pieces instead.