Sunday, February 25, 2018

How Crazy Has the Democratic Party Become?

2/25/18 San Jose Mercury-News:
California Democratic Party declines to endorse Dianne Feinstein in re-election bid
Now, I know some of it is age.  She's 85.  (She still doesn't exhibit the signs of semility that Rep, Pelosi or Waters show.)  But amazingly enough, she is not hard enough left.


  1. This is pay back for Kamala Harris and the snub the San Fran Dems gave Loretta Sanchez in 2016. The White progressives of San Fran talk a good talk about the browning of America, but when it comes to the large hispanic community its keep them in their place. Her opponent is SoCal and as crazy liberal as you get. He wrote the law that was struck down in Parker vs California. Wants free college, free medicare, and an assault weapon ban. Ex teacher of citizenship courses and a community organizer I would expect we will learn he's a member of La Raza.

  2. Feinstein's biggest problem is that she is perceived to be white; her age doesn't help either.

    CA is rapidly becoming Brown all over, and the new voters, freshly arrived from Mexico and points South, want someone who looks like them. It's another good reason to get out of this failing state, which I was born in but no longer fit in.