Wednesday, February 14, 2018

You Learn Something New Every Day

I got into a food fight with a progressive over at The Hill and found out. that Americans are overwhelmingly progressive and that's why they voted for Trump:
1. Most voted for the most progressive candidate in the general election and many voted for Trump because they believed his lies about staying out of foreign conflicts, draining the swamp, etc.
2. Realclearpolitics, which averages polls to wash out bias, reported that in a general matchup of the most progressive candidate, Sanders, a democratic socialist, Trump would have lost by about 25%, a historic landslide. https://www.realclearpoliti...The polls also found Sanders beating Clinton by a large margin in a general matchup.
The other proof is that a majority of Americans support a progressive agenda, including
single payer healthcare
path to citizenship for undoc immigrants
universal background checks
free college for the needy
protecting and expanding the social safety net
repealing Heller and Citizen's United
repealing the Electoral College, which gave us Bush and Trump
Here is further proof:
A poll from Dec 2011 found that the most approved political label was conservative, with 67% approval
A recent poll of national leaders found only one with positive/majority support: Bernie Sanders
Another recent poll found that of all Sentators, Sanders was the most approved at 72%.
In addition, the majority of Americans now support legalization of pot and marriage equality.

I decided that if he wants to believe that almost half the country supports single payer healthcare, illegal alien citizenship, free college, more gun control, repealing Heller and thus voted for Trump over the Empress: let him stay in his bubble and keep losing.

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