Friday, February 23, 2018

Why Does Anyone Stay There?

I was having my annual dental appointment yesterday, and the hygienist was a recently arrived transplant from Norwalk, California.  She loves how friendly everyone is here.  I asked if she has been to the Snake River Gorge.  She said that she still has not gotten used to the idea of being able to safely travel  alone.


  1. Please do not encourage more of them to come here. They invariably change it to become a cross section of what and why they fled.

    Denver, beginning in the late 70's, all of OR and WA west of the Cascades, Arizona, and now the Boise metro through to the west of Nampa/Caldwell are all suffering from the metastasizing process that is California.

    It is only a matter of time until leftist politics govern all of Idaho through the overwhelming population increase of Boise and its environs.

  2. California refugees tend to be far right of the Idaho natives, most of whom have no idea what Democrats do when in charge. Many may not even know a Democrat.