Saturday, June 10, 2017

Yup, I Believe You!

Jerold Reed, Linda Reed, Natures of Mankind Psychology, p. 190:
I wasn't totally unfamiliar with guns; after all I was the Arizona State Junior Rifle Champion in 1961....
After describing how the gun store owner sold him a Taurus handgun with a "clip that contains 12 rounds":  
He showed me a box of ammunition that contained 308mm hollow-point cartridges.

Excuse me, but I think FMJ is sufficient.  I hope you bought some Pachmayr grips to control the recoil!


  1. I'm experiencing some cognitive dissonance trying to track the ways this gentleman's experience is so ... misinformed. But the "308mm" ammunition was a wonderful punch line.

  2. state champion in 1961 and probably hasn't touched a firearm in half a century. Last gun he also touched was probably .22 LR. After that comes the issues of editing in tht he probably mean't 0.380 instead of 308. also he probably thinks in metric so doesn't understand that most American ammunition is in inch measure. I mean 0.308 inch- its 7.62 mm in metric. So yes he probally wasn't buying rifle rounds for a pistol and he definitely needs to check the writing before release.

  3. 308mm rounds? I hope he brought along a small rail car to haul them back to his gun emplacement!

  4. If you told Jerrold that 308mm is what the navy calls a "twelve-inch gun" he'd probably say "I don't think it was much more than seven inches in any dimension."