Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Republican Congressman Shot; Left Exults

Someone opened fire on the Republican baseball team (did not even know that there was such a thing).  Many shot, including one Congressman and another's aide, left predictably responds with cheers and excuses.  Shooter's Facebook page is full on left-wing Democrat.
Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.
And of course Sanders backer::
I want Bernie to Win the White House.
He asked earlier which party this was.  He couldn't see the horns and tails.

The Washington Post  mentioned shooter's left-wing Facebook page.  New York Times? No.

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  1. 'I think it is fair to blame the Democratic Party for his violence–recognizing, of course, that the primary blame always rests with the criminal–because the Democrats have deliberately created a crazed climate of hate in order to fire up their base. Which is to say, people like James Hodgkinson.

    'Has a single Democratic office-holder denounced, or even distanced himself from, the many acts of violence that have been committed in the name of liberalism over the past nine months? To my knowledge, no. In my opinion, leaders of the Democratic Party need to take a long look in the mirror. They have welcomed street violence as a useful part of their “Resistance” movement. Now we are seeing the tragic consequences.'

    "15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP"