Friday, June 16, 2017


Back in the 1980s, I was writing software for an integrated fiber optics digital loop carrier (trust me, you don't want me to explain it), and I pointed out to my boss that Y2K was coming.  He laughed at my concern.  The federal government is apparently still spending money preparing for it, or just ignoring existing paperwork requirements.  6/15/17 Bloomberg Politics:
Seventeen years after the Year 2000 bug came and went, the federal government will finally stop preparing for it.  The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would eliminate dozens of paperwork requirements for federal agencies, including an obscure rule that requires them to continue providing updates on their preparedness for a bug that afflicted some computers at the turn of the century....
Seven of the more than 50 paperwork requirements the White House eliminated on Thursday dealt with the Y2K bug, according to a memo OMB released. Officials at the agency estimate the changes could save tens of thousands of man-hours across the federal government.
The agency didn’t provide an estimate of how much time is currently spent on Y2K paperwork, but Linda Springer, an OMB senior adviser, acknowledged that it isn’t a lot since those requirements are already often ignored in practice.
And gobs of other pointless rules.  How silly to put a successful businessman in charge of our government!

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