Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bought new furniture from Amazon

Bought new furniture from Amazon, a couch, love seat, and chair:
I have bought a lot of furniture over the years made in China; this is by far the most impressive.  I suspect the US patent numbers on the side of the box are related to the assembly method.  It arrived in boxes so small that I briefly wondered if I had ordered inflatable furniture.  (This is the first time I have ordered from Amazon that it wasn't USPS or UPS delivered.)  The fasteners required precisely positioned holes in all the parts; and they were.  Instead of screwing into wood, the fasteners went into threaded metal inserts in the wood.  (Retired engineer; I notice these things.) 
Each piece took my wife about 10-15 minutes to assemble; she was a wiz at it by the third piece.  The cushions and pillows were inside the bottom frame, which reduced shipping volume substantially.  
A nice touch is that the back cushions are Velcroed in place so they don't fly off when you get up.  
All the fasteners were present and with enough surplus that even if we had lost a few, it would not have stopped assembly.
They are comfortable, especially compared to the broken down 1995 couch and loveseat they replaced.
Instructions were very clear; if you can't figure them out, surrender your car keys.
I doubt that they will last as long as Flexsteel's competing products, but at this price, I can afford to replace them in 10 years and feel good about it.
Because of how they assemble and disassemble, if you need to get these through a narrow hallway or door, it will be easy to move them. 

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  1. I had a similar experience. I bought a bookcase from Amazon, also made in China. While the instructions weren't much (really, the drawings weren't much bigger than a commemorative postage stamp) and the various pins and posts and screws were all drawn the same, the pins screwed into metal inserts and the composite-wood pieces locked together with the cam-locks about the diameter of a nickel. Everything fit together good and tight (I used a mallet some). only the back was fastened to the sides using tiny wood screws that screwed directly into the "wood" of the sides.