Monday, June 12, 2017

Sort of Specious Reasoning, But the Net Result is Good

6/12/17 Yahoo News:
Oslo (AFP) - The Norwegian government on Monday proposed a bill to ban the full-face Muslim veil in all schools, from nurseries to universities, saying it hinders communication between students and teachers.
Norway's ruling coalition of conservative and anti-immigration rightwing parties had promised the ban last year, targeting the full-face veil called the niqab as well as burqas, balaclavas and masks.
"We do not want clothes covering the face in nurseries, schools and universities," Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement.
"These clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education," he added.
If the niqab is really that important to your religion, perhaps you need to stay in a Muslim country.  I have seen women wearing the niqab in Philadelphia, and it was a bit startling.  Laws prohibiting the wearing of masks in public are common because of the public safety risks of making identification hard.  Hence the antifas wearing masks at demonstrations.


  1. ISTR that English Common Law regarded the wearing of a mask while armed was automatically deemed a threat/crime, and required an appropriate response. That was prior to our founding. Col Cooper mentions it in his Commentaries.
    I haven't encountered that, yet.

  2. There are already 57 Muslim countries on this planet. send all the camel-humpers back there. Diversity + Proximity = War.

  3. And the Antifas running afoul of the laws in the south prohibiting masks in public thanks to laws that arose as a consequence of the Ku Klux Klan.

    I like the fact that old law is good law in this country, or it might have been read into the old law that since it was originally directed at the KKK but now that its successors claim to be its opposite, a new enactment of the law is required.