Sunday, June 18, 2017


My friend Terry Hoover (who teaches awesome firearms training classes) turned me on to SHIBA, an Idaho program that shows those going on to Medicare how to optimize their Medicare supplemental insurance. I filled three prescriptions Friday,  and cost $6.


  1. Which Medicare Supplement policy did you get? G, F, or N?

  2. Part's A, B, C and D are part of base Medicare. A was I think the original, covers some hospital care and the like. B you pay "premiums" for and covers doctor's visits and the like. D was added by Bush for prescriptions, you can change your plan each year, and at minimum need to make sure the next year's isn't too expensive. C, which got named Medicare Advantage, is HMO like for integrated care covering B+D (it was favored by urban area blacks for a bunch of good reasons, so of course Obamacare targeted it for extinction; ah, maybe because it has some Medigap features as well).

    On top of that, you can buy Medigap private insurance that supplements Medicare coverage. The government has a set of plan designs with letters like A, B, C, F, G, K, L, or N per the linked Wikipedia article, which insurance companies can offer in the usual ways.