Friday, June 30, 2017

Chair Repair

I mentioned that I could not replace the hydraulic cylinder that controls chair height; this particular very comfortable leather chair I bought at a thrift store for $25 is a different design than the one those cylinders are for. Removing the leg assembly would require a torch.   Instead I bought a 4" OD, 1/8th wall aluminum tube, cut it into two half cylinders on the bandsaw,  fit them together around the cylinder assembly,, and clamped them together with two pipe clamps. Thanks for all the advice! It is not adjustable for height, but it is at a height that let's me almost use both hands for typing.  It is not even all that ugly, although I keep imagining a steam punk version in brass.


  1. Now "Paint It Black" like the Rolling Stones told ya!

    Looks like it will last a long time, good job!

  2. I would have painted the aluminum black to match the legs before I installed the hose clamps.